Directed by: Gonzalo Arijon
Duration: 110 | Uruguay, 2009 

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Gonzalo Arijon has been living in France since 1979 and holds dual citizenship.
Gonzalo studied anthropology and filmmaking and for the past 15 years he has directed numerous documentaries.
IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary
12th Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival
Audience Award - Greek Red Cross
2009 Eyes Wide Open
2007 Stranded
2005 Lula's Brazil: The management of Hope
2004 Far, Far Away From Rome
2004 Carl Lewis & Mike Powell (episode of Great Sporting Duels) 2002 The Dark Side Of Milosevic
2002 Goodbye Poppies
1999 Rio de Janeiro: A Vertical War
1998 For These Eyes
1995 Somalia : The Price of Spilt Blood
1994 Each Day For Sarajevo. Chronicle of a Street Under Siege
1992 The World According To My Brother


Director:Gonzalo Arijon
Original Idea:Gonzalo Arijon
Research:Hilary Sandison & Gonzalo Arijon
Cinematography:Gonzalo Arijon & Pablo Zubizarreta
Sound:Fabian Oliver
Editing:Samuel Lajus
Music:Florencia Di Concilio
Sound Mix:Georges Laffite
Production:Pascal Dupont, DISSIDENTS, ARTE France, Current affairs, Society and Geopolitics Unit
With the participation of: Sylicone – Remi Darnis, La Realidad
With the collaboration of: Lichtpunt, Wim Van Rompaey, YLE, SVT, RTBF – Television, Belge - Claire COLART, NRK, SBS-TV Australia
With the participation of : Centre national de la cinematographie (CNC)
After 500 years of uninterrupted plunder of its natural resources and the fierce repression of popular revolts, Latin America is at a turning point in its history: a series of new leaders has come to power, most of them from outside the traditional political establishments and all elected democratically by safe majorities hungry for change.
Their platform? To seek ways of answering the enormous challenges presented by inequality and social exclusion.
How they meet these challenges will depend largely on the consolidation of economic and political integration in the region, an integration that should at last make it possible for Latin Americans to be the masters of their own destinies, less dependent on the economic recipes meted out by “the North” in general and especially by Washington.
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