Tar Sands:Canada for sale
Directed by: Tom Radford
Duration: 52' | Canada, 2008 

Tom Radford’s career spans 35 years in the Canadian television and film industries as a writer, director, and producer portraying the distinctive character of the West and North to Canada and the world.
Radford and his films have received awards from Banff to San Francisco, Toronto to Florence, leading to the Alberta Award of Excellence.
His films include Inuit Odyssey, Tar Sands: Canada for Sale, Arctic Dreamer and Alberta Bound.
He is the author of three books, including the bestselling Alberta, A Celebration.
He founded the Northwest Studio of the National Film Board of Canada in Edmonton and was a founder of the National Screen Institute.
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Director, Producer:Tom Radford
Producer, Narrator:Peter Raymont
Script, Research:Patrick Reed
Editing:Michele Hozer
Associate Producer, Researcher:Niobe Thompson
Photography:Daron Donahue and John Westheuser
Sound Recordists:Carey Opper, Downey Karvonen, Ashley Chugg and Frank Russo
Music:Russell Walker, Mark Korven and Rob Carli
Production Supervisor:Janice Dawe
Production Managers:Emma Radford and Norma Mendoza
Archival Research:Monica Penner
Assistant Editing: Paula Talesnik, Philip Wilson, Darby MacInnis and Lee Walker
Additional Camera:Randy Tomiuk, Sid Bailey, Trevor Wilson and Nigel Markham
Tar Sands: Canada for Sale follows an international cast of characters struggling to cash in on an unprecedented oil boom playing out in the backwoods of Canada. What looks like dense topsoil is actually black gold, once dismissed as bottom-of-the-barrel petroleum, expensive to extract, dirty to refine.
But with the US craving energy security and new super-consumers like China and India starving for oil, Canada’s “unconventional” crude has become “conventional”.
The Tar Sands is the largest capital project on the planet.
Critics claim it is also the world’s biggest environmental catastrophe. The stakes are global; the battle intense; the outcome uncertain.
It comes down to one simple idea: whoever controls the Tar Sands, controls the future.

Ôhe director about his film
Tar Sands is a film that raises the question of how much of your country you are willing to sacrifice for the wealth and energy security of others.
Canada is sacrificing an area the size of Florida to supply oil to the United States.
Despite the opposition of environmentalists and the First Nations who live downstream from the strip mines and refineries, the destruction of the land, the poisoning of the air and the water, continues in the largest industrial project in the world.
The film explores how such deals are made, how the multinational oil companies lobby and manipulate governments to gain a free hand, ignoring global concerns on climate change.
As a result the Tar Sands are the largest producer of CO2 emissions in Canada.
The film travels to Norway to explore Statoil's alternative models of oil production in the North Sea, to China to document new research in oil sands extraction.
However the question remains, what will companies like Statoil and Total do as they develop their leases in the Tar Sands? This is the frontier of energy development, the wild west of oil and gas, little more than a colony of the global economy, where most of the decisions are still made in Texas.
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