Directed by: Carlo Buralli
Duration: 52' | Australia, 2003 

He studied Film, English and Psychology at the Western Australian Institute of Technology and has over 20 years of experience in the industry, working as a director, producer and cinematographer. More specific, Carlo has experience in both documentary and drama, including works on shorts and features. Also, he has co-produced a six-part series for Channel 9, titled Distant Echoes, for which he has directed two of the series episodes, as well. The shootings of this huge project took place in Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan and Sarawak. He has lectured at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Curtin University and Murdoch University. At present, he is developing a children’s television series and a feature film, which he has written and will direct and produce.
Festival - Screenings
Food in Film Festival, Italy, March 2004
Open Cinema, Canada, January 2004
Global Visions Festival, Canada, November 2003
Cork International Film Festival, October 2003, Ireland
2003 Slow Food Revolution
Distant Echoes (directed two of the six series episodes)
Carlo Buralli
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Research-Script:Gabriella Pignatelli
Cinematography:Timothy Laffey
Narrator:Robyn Johnston
Sound:Graeme Macleod
Edited by:Peter Pritchard
Music:Chris Norman
Production Manager:Elaine Ellis
Executive Producer:Franco di Chiera
Producer:Carmelo Musca
Production:Film Australia
Én Association with:CM Film Productions, SBS Independent
With the Assistance of:Film Victoria, Screenwest,
Lotteries Commission of Western Australia
‘Slow Food’ emerged with the spread of fast food. It was a statement about globalization and the way our world was heading. We wanted the documentary to explore the origins, the philosophy and some of the people, whose work and achievements are at the core of ‘Slow Food’. ‘Slow Food’, reminds us to not only enjoy our food, but also appreciate it! To stop for a moment and think... where did it come from? ‘Slow Food’ fights globalization; it aims to strengthen and maintain biodiversity; and it calls for people of the world to protect their environment and preserve their traditions. The next time you pick up your forks and knives, or chopsticks, I hope the film lingers on your taste-buds long enough for you to stop and think about the "Revolution". I sincerely hope you enjoy the film.
Speed- the obsession of the modern world- is determining what people should eat and how. Traditional foods are at risk of disappearing forever. An international eco-gastronomic movement known as ‘Slow Food’, champions the protection of traditional culture, environment and biodiversity while encouraging regional production, food education and pleasure. Slow Food Revolution travels around the globe recording this growing phenomenon. Beautifully photographed, it is a celebration of our natural bounty- a seriously sensual journey from earth to table.
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