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Gunnar Bergdahl

Born in Stockholm 1951. Film critic and film maker. Founder and editor of the Swedish film magazine Filmkonst 1989-2002. Director of Göteborg Film Festival 1994-2002.

Filmography: The Voice of Bergman (1997), The Voice of Ljudmila (2002, Ecocinema 2003), Ingmar Bergman; Intermezzo (2002), The Voice of Silence (short, 2003).

Presently cultural editor for the daily paper Helsingborgs Dagblad.


Alessandro Giorgio (Turin, Italy, 1977).

Degree in DAMS (Disciplines of Art, Music and Spectacle-Cinema Sector) at the Turin’s University of Studies in 2002. Actually is working for the same university as PhD in Disciplines of Scandinavistic and Spectacle.

From 2002 he’s specialized in danish silent cinema, he’s actually working on a thesis titled Dreyer Screenwriter at Nordisk (1913-1917) with the cooperation of the Dansk Film Institut.

He attended several international convention ad published some critical essays concerning this argument.

From 2002 he’s working for Cinemambiente – International Environmental Film Festival – as documentary film searcher.

For the same festival he also organized two retrospectives: Joris Ivens (2002), Panaria Film (2004), and edited with Gaetano Capizzi and Marina Ganzerli the volume Joris Ivens. Una storia di vento/Joris Ivens. A wind’s tale (Torino, Cinemambiente, 2002), in collaboration with The European Foundation Joris Ivens of Nimega.

Menelaos Karamaghiolis


J.a.c.e., Feature film (In progress)

1998-9: BLACK OUT, 1989-90: ROM, 1987: GLORIA OLIVAE, 1986: THE COLOSSUS OF THE SUN, 28min

1985, AVE MARIA  26 min, ALPHEUS, MEDITERRANEAN PASSION, 1982-1986, researhcing, textes and collaborator-director at the 12 (half an hour) D. Maurikios documentaries THE IONIAN BRIDGES.

Other activities:

1985, collaborator-director at the perfoming of Jules Massenet's opera WERTHER, Greek National Opera House.

1985 - 2005, writer, director and producer of 550 radio programmes for the Third Channel of the National Greek Radio.

1989 -2005, he has published short stories and essays in various greek magazines and newspapers.

2004-2005, consultant in National Greek Television,

Director, producer on several events as: Christmas Concert Megaron Music Hall Athens, December 2004, Concert for the tsunami victims, Olympic Stadium, February 2005

Dave Pritchard

Worked for 25 years in a variety of roles in environmental research, policy and advocacy, based mainly at the RSPB, BirdLife International’s partner organisation in the UK.

He is a leading figure in international law and policy on topics such as protected areas, environmental assessment and wetland ecosystems, and has had a particularly long and central association with the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, as well as being a Director of Wetlands International.

Dave is also involved in dialogues on the links between science, culture, aesthetics and the role of the arts in environmental conservation


Mirsad Purivatra

At the end of the 1980's, as director of the Sarajevo Obala Art Center Mirsad Purivatra oversaw the works of numerous theater productions. Many of them, including Tatoo Theatre and Moonplay, were featured in theatre festivals in Edinburgh, Paris, Toronto, New York, Montreal, and London.

During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Center organized a great number of exhibitions by B&H authors that were shown around the world and in Sarajevo. Obala hosted such international artists as Christian Boltanski, Annie Leibowitz, Sophie Ristelhueber, and Peter Waldegg.

In 1995, Obala established the Sarajevo Film Festival, which in ten years has grown to be one of the most influental film festivals in southeast Europe.

Today, working full time as the Sarajevo Film Festival Director, Purivatra teaches Production at the Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts.

He has also served as Director of Bosnia and Herzegovina Radio and Television (1998-2000), and General Director of the B&H branch of McCann Erickson marketing agency (2000-2004).


Alekos Arplias, journalist

He studied for a while Law, but he occupied himself, for two decades in broadcasting, and was specialized at the field of Regional Broadcasting.

He has been working as producer, chief editor and newscaster in central Radio Stations. He created the first and unique in Greece electronic Regional Newspaper.

He has been for five years (2000-2004), Director of the Regional Broadcasting Network of ERT (National Radio Television).

He cooperated with the Adults Education Secretary, at the realization of original Regional radio projects as well as seminars.

He is currently working in ERA’s General Direction and he is studying European Civilization at the E.Α.P.

Marco Gaudenzi.

Was born in Pesaro in 1949.

He graduated in architecture from the University of Rome in 1976, with a thesis entitled: ‘A residential complex for the elderly in Pesaro’.

Since 1976, he has created some 150 design projects for all areas of civil and industrial building, including the building of an experimental theatre in Pontedera.

Since 1987, he has been the creator and art director of Tonelli, bringing in designers such as Isao Hosoe, De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi and Luigi Serafini.

In the design field, he works on occasional, non-specific projects that have seen him collaborate with Tonelli in the furniture industry, MFFM in the jewellery sector, and Benelli for hunting rifles.

As part of an overall research project into mobility, which he carried out in conjunction with Isao Hosoe, he created ‘Fluida’, a ‘bag’ bicycle.


Born in 3 December 1950. Archer, self-educated, free-lance.

Science studies (quickly quitted), obligatory military service, then license at French Literature and Linguistics and cinema at the Paul Valery University in Montpelier.

Co-founder and general delegate at Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier(1980-1995).

Instigator and organizer of “Fonds d’Aide au Development du Scenario”(in the frame of the Festival d’Amiens)from 1996.

Co-founder of “Carrefour des Festivals” (president from 1989 to 1999) and of “Coordination Europeenne des Festivals de Cinema”.

From 83 up to ‘88 was partner of the distribution society “Les Films du Semaphore”, on 1992, founded the society CINE-SUD PROMOTION, essentially destined at the origin at the promotion of films of writers and cinemas South.

Projects feature films

L'OMBRE DE LA VILLE of Jean Khalil Chamoun, TIRANA, ANNEE ZERO of Fatmir Koci, RACHIDA of Yamina Bachir Chouikh, AU FEU! (Gori Vatra) of Pjer Zalica, MUR of Simone Bitton, MOOLAADE of Sembene Ousmane, NOCE D'ETE, of Moktar Ladjimi, L’ANNEE NOIRE of Fatmir Koçi, L’EXIL of Atef Hetata, LA GRANDE PATURE of Omar Bekhaled

Thanassis Rentzis

Born in Egion 1947.

Studies: Cinema in Athens and Semiology in Paris.

Films: Black-White, 90min, 35mm, Bio-graphia, 97min, 35mm, Fiction, 45min, 16mm, Corpus, 80min, 35mm, Electric Angel, 86min, 35mm,Silent Machines, 72min, 35mm.

T.V. Series & Pieces: Faggoto (1983)

Theatre faces (1984), The Greek Typography (1985), The Athenian Fusion (1992), The Centenary of Olympics 1896-1996 ,Olive Civilization (2001)


Founder of the EXPERIMENTAL FILM CENTRE in 1969.

Founder & Director of the quarterly publication FILM (1974-1987).

Secretary & President of GREEK DIRECTORS' GUILD (1975-1982).

President of F.E.R.A. (1980-1982).

Director of THESSALONIKI FILM FESTIVAL (1986-1988).

Director of ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT in E.T.1(1988-1990).

Various publications of essay sandarticles in books, magazines & newspapers


Born on 1970 in Netherlands.

Studied film in Amsterdam, graduated in Stockholm, and produced a number of short films in Rotterdam.

Since 1998 Rik works for the International Film Festival Rotterdam as a member of the programme department and coordinating the Festival’s Industry Office.

As he operates free-lance, Rik also works on a yearly base for the Transilvania International Film Festival (programme coordinator), and Sarajevo Film Festival (CineLink Industry Office).

Other incidental film festival environments over the last years include among other Warsaw, Stockholm, and Edinburgh.


Mario Cenni

Mario Cenni is an Italian, from Tuscany.

He was born, lives and works in the city of Lucca. He is a biologist graduated in 1981.

In his working life he has faced several nature related issues. Has restored an ancient Natural History Museum, researcher on wolfs and otters, was for ten years the Biologist of a Nature Park.

He is now responsible for the wetlands of his region in the ARPAT, the governmental agency facing all the environmental problems of the region.

Petr Lom


Petr Lom was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1968. 

He grew up in Canada and received his Ph.D. in political philosophy from Harvard in 1997. 

He taught at several European universities, wrote a dull scholarly book on skepticism, and translated a beautiful book of Czech philosophy.

He gave up his career in the University in 2004 to pursue a full-time career as a documentary filmmaker.

He is much happier now.

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan is his first film.

Sebastià Semene Guitart

Was born in 1974. After his university studies in Evolutionary Biology he completed a PhD on Population Biology from the EPHE/Sorbonne University (Paris).

During the last years of his studies, he started working in parallel in journalism, including collaborating with several radio stations and writing chronicles for one of Andorra’s national newspapers, El Periòdic d’Andorra, on cinema and society issues.

He is currently working as the Convention Development Officer of the Ramsar Convention, an international treaty ratified by more than 145 countries and promoting the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and water recourses.



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