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 Adventure Of The Memory |  Antonis Pachos: Α Photo-Life


Greece, 2007

Running time: 19’

Production: Ecofilms

Antonis Pachos serves as the island’s audiovisual memory ark, ever since the middle of the past century. Now quite elder, this restless worker of the camera donated in September 2006 his vast film archive to the festival, after an initiative of the company Image and Environment, in order for the Audiovisual Memory Archive to be founded, based in Rodos. Ecofilms undertook the restoration and digitalization of the archive, so that its presentation can commence, starting this year during the screenings.

Antonis Pachos want to fulfill a life-long dream in his laboratory in Ialissos, which is now under reconstruction: to create in the ground floor of the building where his 400 m2 laboratory is, a diachronic exhibition where the visitors, especially the younger ones, will have a chance to see in print the most important moments of the period from 1915 to 1980 in their region. From the picturesque quality of a street vendor, several decades ago, to the legendary pre-electoral rallies.

It should be noted that at this diachronic exhibition will include photographs from 1915 to 1980, as well as equipment that were used to “freeze” time, images and apparatus that “tell” all there is to know about the history, the habits, the technology and the people of a whole era. Antonis Pachos documents the history of this region for seventy years now, and one only needs to have a glimpse at the cameras he had held all these years to understand the grandeur and the uniqueness of the archive he has collected.



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